• Multi-coloured rolled sugar waffle cones
  • Vanilla waffle crumb
  • Rolled sugar cones
  • Flat top sugar waffle cone
  • Crispy rice in lemon (green) chocolate
  • Jacket for rolled sugar cones
  • Biscuits and cookies for ice-cream
  • Pastes for production of ice-cream and confectionery product
  • Crispy rice in while chocolate - Baker Poland Box
  • Baker Poland Packaging
  • Waffle tubes for ice-cream
  • Vanilla waffle crumb - RASPBERRY
  • Multi-flavour cookies and biscuits for ice-cream
  • Waffle crumb in milk chocolate
  • Rolled sugar waffle cones
  • Box of flat top rolled sugar waffle cones

Dear Customers!

Baker Poland offers for the Polish market and the markets of other European countries products manufactured by Baker-Ukraine, the company well-known for its high quality and technical standards, as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 international certifications.

Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of rolled sugar cones and waffle cones, including flat top sugar cones, waffle cones and multi-coloured sugar cones.

We also offer a wide range of colourful decorations, toppings and fillings for ice cream and confectionery products, such as vanilla waffle crumb, fine waffle crumb and crispy rice coated in multi-coloured chocolate, white, milk or dark chocolate, waffle tubes, branded biscuits/cookies for ice-cream as well as pastes for production of artisan gelato and pastry products.

All our products can be successfully used in the industrial production of ice cream, as well as in the HoReCa sector. The entire range of our products is available from warehouses located in Poland.

We are looking forward to the effective and successful cooperation!